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Pardon ma back bitches #Gm #moneyteam

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Photographer Edmund Edwards has sent another hot fella our way. Say hello to the gorgeous Zane G: http://bit.ly/1lBfVmp

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Yesterday a 17 year female, who attends Lancaster High School in California, was beaten by a football player, on school grounds, for being gay. After receiving over a dozen blows to her jaw, head, eye and head, all he received was a 5 day suspension by the Lancaster School District. She suffered from a fractured jaw and multiple concussions to the head and the Deputy Sheriff advised her mother to re-think her wanting to file charges against the football player because her daughter pushed him back. The school ended up documenting “assault” charges on the victims school file, NOT the football players!!! To make things worse, the Deputy Sheriff warned the victim, by saying, “Just so you know, if you file charges against him, I’m taking his side.” We’re attempting to raise awareness and bring this story to light because Lancaster High School is trying to sweep this “Hate Crime” under the rug!



Reblog if you care and please forward to everyone you know. P.S. CBS, KCAL 9 news are running the story tomorrow at 10pm.


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my anaconda dont want none unless you got buns hun
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my anaconda dont want none unless you got buns hun

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